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Franke Kitchen Sinks   

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Franke Triflow Purification, Best Water Filtration

As the world's leading sink manufacturer Franke have become increasingly aware that people everywhere are growing more and more dissatisfied with the quality of their drinking water.
Evidence of this can be found in the unprecedented rise in sales of bottled water and home filtration units.  Franke has the best water filtration on the market.
As soon as you have a Franke Triflow System, the need for expensive bottle water is eliminated. Bottled water is cumbersome to carry and once opened it has a limited life.
The Unique, patented Franke Triflow System has been designed to exacting standards and has become the kitchen appliance of the millennium and beyond.
The Trispray provides a versatile addition to the Triflow Water Purification System.
With the addition of Trispray, Franke are able to offer a truly multi-function water delivery system at the sink top.
The Triflow tap delivers hot, cold or mixed water like a normal kitchen mixer. Purified water is supplied when you select the centre lever on the tap.
Then, at the touch of a button for example, Trispray can divert hot, cold or even mixed water to rinse plates before they go into the dishwasher.
Three designs of Trispray are available to complement the individual styling of the Triflow Moderne, Tradition and Corinthian taps.

TFT-300 Series