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Franke Kitchen Sinks   

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Franke Consumer Products Internet Purchase Notice

Franke Consumer Products believes that excellent service before and after the sale is an integral part of the Franke experience. We strongly encourage you to thoroughly research any reseller before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting what you expect. For example, many consumers prefer the service and accessibility afforded by retailers with a showroom or place of business that you can visit if needed. Unfortunately there are retailers supplying imitation products and businesses that do not provide adequate service and support, they simply offer a product for a price. These businesses sometimes have hidden charges or “fine print” that can also be misleading. Even more difficult can be the lack of someone to talk to if your product arrives damaged or does not meet your expectations.

For these reasons Franke Consumer Products reserves the right to decline warranty support and service if our product is purchased from someone that does not meet our standards of having a walk-in establishment, a knowledgeable sales staff and provide delivery and after sale service. We rely on reputable businesses to provide knowledgeable pre-purchase assistance, offer a display of styles and sizes, delivery and post sale service. Because we may be thousands of miles from you it could be very difficult for us to assist you in the rare instance that you experience a problem with our product.

Due to violating Franke policies, effective August 1, 2007, we REGRET THAT WE will NOT be able to honor warranties on products sold from a particular list of websites. Please click here to view website addresses.

Please choose who you purchase from wisely to ensure that you have the experience you expect when selecting the very best  Franke.